Open Air Green Screen Photo Booth

Why have a green screen photo booth?

Mad Mochi Photo Booth Rental is now offering green screen photo booth and photography services in Los Angeles and Orange County. With the green screen optional service, guests will be able to experience additional fun by being able to take a photo with a different background that is created ahead of time. You even have the option to allow your guests to select which background to use from a given menu and the photos will appear as if they are in front of the background, even though they are actually only standing in front a green screen. This is great for corporate events to add branding imagery to the backgrounds. It's also a great way to add memorable fun to your event. Just like our photo booth packages, guests will step inside the photo booth, take their photos, and take a print home. The green screen optional service is $275 for up to 4 rotating background choices on a print, or $325 for 2-7 background choices and a menu selection for guests to choose from, in addition to the package deal you select.
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Green Screen Photo Booth
Your guests will be in front of a green screen background, and the final results will show a preselected background of your choice.


Green Screen Photo Booth Setup
Guests will be able to view themselves on a monitor live with the preselected backdrop as they take photos. 

Choose to have 1-4 Rotating BackGROUNDS or up to 7 background choices on menu

Green Screen Photo Booth Setup
Pre-determine a background design, such as custom magazine cover, movie poster, logo, city or choose 4 rotating backgrounds on 1 print! You can also have up to 7 backdrop choices for guests to choose from on a custom designed menu selection for an addition $50. We use our Open Air photo booth for the green screen services. Guests will be able to print out the photo booth strips and images with the background(s) immediately after they take the photos.

Allow Guests to Choose Up to 7 Backgrounds from a Menu (Additional $50)

Green Screen Photo Booth Menu
We can design a menu so that guests will be able to select between different backdrop designs, up to 7 different selections. Guests will be able to choose the background of their choice on a touch screen monitor on the photo booth.

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